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Accessories Fit For A Royal Canine


The Perfect Gift

Dress your pooch in our new line of luxury collars, show your dogs just how much you adore them with our broken heart personalised dog tags or  add a touch of sophistication to your canines wardrobe with our new range of doggy bow ties. 

Canine Quality

All of our products are handmade and matched with the finest quality materials. Paws with Opulence provide luxury dog collars and dog leads lined with soft nubuck leather, providing the upmost comfort for your canine. Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold and White Gold dog ID tags are perfect for the ultra-pampered pooch. Our Swarovski encrusted hair bows and lavish crushed velvet bedding crown the Kings and Queens of the canine world as the epitome of style.


Luxury Dog Bedding 



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