Top 5 Ways to Really Pamper your Pooch

In an age where canine ’s receive luxurious lifestyles which would envy most human beings, it has become some what of the norm to drape your canine in the latest couture fashion, feed them Michelin star food and pamper them with facials and deep tissue massages. Dogs have become far more than just the family pet left in the kitchen while its owners head out. Our four legged friends are much as part of the family as their human counterparts and are treated no different if not better!  

Below are 5 ways in which you can pamper your pooch and indulge them in the finest experiences that they will most definitely wag a tail at!

1 - Homemade Meals 


Your canine will really appreciate the taste of a homemade meal cooked with the loving touch of its owner. Homemade meals are healthier than the commercial tined dog food and most importantly you’ll feel at ease knowing exactly what ingredients went into your canines meal. There are a load of homemade meal ideas for dogs online, so get cooking your canine is sure to give you a slobbery lick for that one! 

2 - Luxurious Dog Houses 

Humans aren't the only ones who want to hibernate in luxury accommodation our canines want it too. Give your canine a glamorous home away from home with a bespoke built doggy house that puts homes sold in your local estate agents to shame.  The Dog Cottage Company  offer a wide range of fully insulated, lit and heated cottages for your beloved canine.  Their bespoke service allows each cottage to fit perfectly in any space, while their glazed windows and pet safe dog doors provide the ultimate comfort come rain, wind or snow. Prices range between £2,450 - £5,250.    

3 - 5 Paw Hotels

Did your canine just bark woof service? Standard dog friendly hotels are being swept under the carpet as more and more hotels are offering lavish services for your pooch. The Posh Pet Hotel in Palm Beach Florida goes above and beyond to offer your dog the very best in canine luxury. The 130 room hotel offers Presidential Suites complete with bamboo memory foam mattresses and queen size beds. Spa treatments include aromatherapy, breed-specific massages and eye whitening, while services such as acupuncture, cold laser therapy and therasage are all part of the Zen Wellness Experience. During their stay at The Posh Pet Hotel your canine will dine on filet mignon with green beans, salmon and frozen yoghurt. At the end of their stay chauffeurs are on hand to drop your canine back to you in Bentley or Cadillac Escalade style.  Rooms within The Posh Pet Hotel range from $49 - $120 per night. 


4 - Spa Treatments

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We all need a moment to sit back, unwind and relieve those tight tensions from our bodies; well it looks as if the same applies for our canines too. Pet spa’s are becoming all the rage as more and more services are being offered to cater for your canines needs. The Pet Spa in Chelsea West London offer services such as blueberry and vanilla facials, pawdicures, oatmeal healing baths and many more . With their wide range of treatments your pooch will be offered the best in pet spa services and will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to chase another squirrel. 

5 - Doggy Treats

Plain old dog biscuits just won't cut it anymore, if you really want to spoil your canine indulge him in extravagant treats such as bespoke cup cakes topped with bacon, liver popcorn and for those very special occasions lavish three tiered cakes. Where can I get my hands on these I here you cry?  The Pet Spa in Chelsea specialise in unique style treats from Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding cookies to Large Iced Pupcakes. If your looking for a personalised treat Canine Bakery, Patisserie & Chocolatier Barkers of Suffolk specialise in birthday cakes which are guaranteed to get your dogs mouth watering. Personalised cakes start from £15.60 


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