The Best Natural, Healthy & Tastiest Gourmet Dog Treats

Your four legged foodies taste buds desire much more than a left over chicken bone. In an age where pampering our beloved pooches is all the craze, treating your canine to a Michelin star snack is a must. 

We here at Paws with Opulence know that providing our posh pooches with luxurious accessories is just the beginning. When it comes to food their bellies deserve to be lined with much more than mediocre nibbles. We've delved into the land of gourmet dog treats and listed 6 of the best that guarantee to get your pampered pups mouth watering.  




1- Fabulous Fur by The Dog Treat Company

The Dog Treat Company have produced delicious human grade liver treats with the added benefit of keeping your canines skin and coat utterly fabulous. With additional ingredients such as flax, pumpkin seeds and virgin olive oil these treats not only provide essential omega 3,6 and 9 but are packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins. These treats are extremely healthy and are recommended for dogs on a calorie controlled diet. 

The Dog Treat Company offer 3 x 100g tins priced at £16.00


2 - The Dog House Training Treats by Michel Roux

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If your looking for the ultimate gourmet treat for your pooch, why not start with those cooked by a Michelin star chef? Dog lover and celebrity chef Michel Roux, teamed up with The Dog House to create 5 star recipes which aid in training our dogs. The luxury gluten and wheat free random rewards come in an assortment of flavours which range from ostrich and cherry to seaweed and orange. These random treats are sure to keep your dog on its toes as he never knows which flavour to expect next. 

The Dog House Training Treats are presented in a 50g refillable pocket sized tin and is priced from £5.00      


3 - Venison Chipolatas with Chopped Apple by The Innocent Hound

Tempt your dog to a delicious treat of exquisite British venison and juicy apple chipolatas. This luxury treat is perfect for smaller dogs, made from 80% venison meat and is one of the healthiest novel proteins for your dogs heart and overall well-being.

The Innocent Hound pack their treats in a 100g resealable tub priced at 3 for £14.85    


4 - M’Hearties by Lily’s Kitchen 

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Lily’s Kitchen have produced the perfect little treat for both dogs and cats to enjoy. The heart-shaped cod delights are contained in a pocket sized tin, ideal for those on the go delicious surprises. The treats are made from 100%  Icelandic pressed cod fillets which are a wonderful source of protein and naturally low in fat.

Lily’s Kitchen present their cod treats in a 34g reusable tin priced at £5.95


5 - Chicken & Flaxseed Dog Biscuits by Tribal 

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  You can’t go wrong with a dog treat created by a dog-loving, Oxford educated Chemist! Tribal pride themselves on using beneficial ingredients sourced from nature to create a healthy, balanced range of dog treats. Their chicken and flaxseed dog biscuits are wheat and gluten free, containing omega 6 which helps to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. All Tribal products are labelled with a traffic light system to help owners identify the nutritional value of the product.

Tribal’s chicken and flaxseed dog biscuits are priced at £3.00  


6 -  Doggie Fruit & Veg Box by The Artisan Pet Deli

The Artisan Pet Deli have come up with a creative way to ensure that your dog gets it’s 5 a day. Presented in a crate-style card box filled with wool shred, your dog can enjoy a fun selection of squeaky veg toys, carrot and apple nibbles, veggie crisps, duck and strawberry hearts and salmon and sweet potato bites. 

The Artisan Pet Deli provide this wholesome medley of treats for £45.00


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Please note before indulging your canine with treats always read the ingredients and recommended portion guidelines.

Best Wishes 

Paws with Opulence