Meet Matilda - Our September #PWODOGCRUSH

We've gone across the globe and chosen the delightful Matilda from São Paulo Brazil, as our September #PWODOGCRUSH of the month :-D

Matilda is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an absolutely stunning one at that! Her luxury Brazilian adventures and lavish lifestyle posted on her Instagram keep us hooked and wanting to see more. Her poise and grace when being photographed is that of a supermodel and we just couldn't resist making this beauty our second #PWODOGCRUSH of the month <3  

Scroll down and find out what her owner Priscila had to say about her adorable pooch....   

@matildathelady wearing our  Velvet Blue Swarovski Dog Hair Bow

@matildathelady wearing our Velvet Blue Swarovski Dog Hair Bow

Q1. Describe Matilda in 3 words?

Affectionate, loyal and intelligent 

Q2. What's Matilda's favourite dog treats?

Matilda loves when it's movie night so she can have some popcorn  

Q3. What has been Matilda's biggest doggy diva moment? 

When I told her that her photo was displayed at your store in Liverpool Street 

Q4. What's Daphne's favourite way to be pampered? 

Matilda loves tummy massage and scrambled eggs for breakfast  

Q5. If Daphne could be another breed what do you think she would be?

Human :-)

Q6. Who is Daphne's #PWODOGCRUSH? 

Me :-)

Keep up to date with Matilda and all of her fabulous adventures by following @matildathelady on Instagram.

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Best wishes

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