Meet Daphne - Our August #PWODOGCRUSH



We've chosen the gorgeous Daphne as our first #PWODOGCRUSH of the month :-D

We met Daphne at a dog event in Marleybone and completely fell in love with her. We interviewed her lovely owner Eloise and asked her a few questions to really get to know the beautiful dachshund. Find out her favourite way to be pampered, her biggest diva moment and more below....   

@daphnethewondersossige wearing our  Tan Swarovski Dog Collar

@daphnethewondersossige wearing our Tan Swarovski Dog Collar

Q1. Describe Daphne in 3 words?

Divine Doxie Diva

Q2. What's Daphne's favourite dog treats?

The Rockster 

Q3. What has been Daphne's biggest doggy diva moment? 

Refusing to cuddle Bill Bailey after a meet and greet 

Her face says it all haha!

Her face says it all haha!

Q4. What's Daphne's favourite way to be pampered? 

Being the centre of attention 

Q5. If Daphne could be another breed what do you think she would be?

A Lurcher 

Q6. Who is Daphne's #PWODOGCRUSH? 


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