How We Won a Business Award from Business Mogul Theo Paphitis

It’s been just over 4 weeks since we we were crowned with our Small Business Award from Mr Theo Paphitis and what a 4 weeks it has been!! Within just 15 minutes of Theo tweeting about our win we gained 90 new twitter followers, a surge of visitors to our online store and a number of new orders. This has been such an overwhelming and rewarding experience that we want to share with as many people as possible, so that you can be in the chance of being the next #SBSWinner.


Our win 

On Sunday 9th July I bravely tweeted retail entrepreneur Theo Paphitis about my luxury canine accessory company, in the hopes that Paws with Opulence would be crowned one of the winners of ‘Small Business Sunday’. After hearing about the weekly initiative set up by fellow dog lover Theo in 2010 to help recognise and build the profile of small businesses in the UK, I bit the bullet and nominated Paws with Opulence amongst the 100’s of nominees. Theo was very impressed with the business and what we had achieved so far, and to my amazement Paws with Opulence was awarded as one of the 6 Small Business Sunday winners.  


Results of the win 

When your business is retweeted by a famous entrepreneur with a Twitter following of over 500,000 you know your onto a winner! Since becoming an #SBSWinner our business has truly boomed. Our successes started within just 15 minutes of Theo announcing our win. The Paws with Opulence Twitter account (@paws_w_opulence) went nuts!! Prior to winning the award we were really struggling to gain followers and be noticed on Twitter, however when retweeted by Theo we began to receive hundreds of comments, follows and retweets which are still continuing 4 weeks on. Orders from our online store continue to come in thick and fast from customers not just within the UK but all around the world. We have been contacted by a number of journalists and bloggers wanting to cover our story and/or feature our products, as well as well know high street retailers wanting to stock our luxury canine accessories. So many doors have now been opened for us and we couldn't thank Theo enough. 

As well as opening many doors for my business, winning the #SBS Award has also allowed me to join a community of amazing fellow small business entrepreneurs. After winning the award you are then invited to become apart of the exclusive #SBSNetwork, you are profiled on the #SBS website and have the opportunity to sell your products or services within the #SBS online selling platform. The community is absolutely amazing, the ongoing support and feedback that I have received on the website and though the private Facebook group has been phenomenal. In addition to all of this all #SBSWinners are invited to Theo’s annual #SBS Networking event.             


Tips on how to be the next #SBSWinner

  • Don't ramble! Keep it simple and to the point - after all you only have 150 characters to sell your business 
  • Promote your businesses USP 
  • Be cheeky! - we mentioned Theo’s dog in our tweet to pull at his heart strings ;-)
  • Be fearless and take a risk - what have you got to loose
  • Include visuals in your tweet - pictures speak a thousand words 
  • Make sure your website is in good shape  
  • Be humours - laughter isn't only the key to a women’s heart 
  • Be prepared for a business boom 

If you want to turn a tweet into sales tweet Theo (@theopaphitis) about your business on Sunday between 5:00pm and 7:30pm including the hashtag #SBS. 

Good luck Paws with Opulence is rooting for you :-)