Our Humbling Experience Meeting Homeless Dogs & Their Owners

The rate of homelessness within the UK has risen alarmingly over the past few years. Homelessness has not only risen amongst human beings but the number of dogs on the street has also increased. These stats break our hearts and we wanted to do something to help. 

Saturday 19th August marks National Homeless Animal Day, we thought that this would be a great opportunity for us to bring awareness to all the dogs on the street and their owners. Equipped with packed lunches, dog food and dog treats two members of our team walked across the streets of London handing out these essentials to the courageous men, women and dogs sleeping on the streets. 

Meet The Dogs

We first came across a beautiful dog named Princess and her owner Conor who held the sign ‘WE ARE HUNGRY’. We offered food and drink to both Conor and Princess however Conor only wanted to take the food for his dog and asked us to give his share to someone else in need. We were so touched by his selfless act of kindness and his beaming love for his dog.  


We then came across Star his owner James and their friend Rosie. James described star as a gentile giant and the most loyal dog you could ever meet. James continued to explain that having Star by his side stops him from feeling lonely and isolated, ‘my dog is my life and heart beat without him I'm nothing’. 


While walking around Shoreditch we came across Reef who was unaccompanied at the time. Reef lay still awaiting for his owner to return unbothered by the passers by. His owner Joseph quickly returned and we were able to supply them with a packed lunch and dog food. While talking to Joseph it was clear to see the special bond that he and his dog shared. Reef was so lovingly protective over Joseph constantly looking at him for his approval of the two strangers standing before them. Joseph has had Reef for 6 years and constantly described him as his ‘very best and only friend’. 



Lastly we came across the very charming Prince Albert, his owner Johnny and their three friends. They were all such characters having us in fits of laughter and smiling from ear to ear, their high spirits and continued gratitude were highly admirable. Prince Albert also kept us amused as Johnny described him as a real ladies dog and told us all about his six girlfriends. 


What you can do to help

Our journey around London meeting all of the amazing individuals and their dogs was a true humbling experience. Their positivity, kindness and appreciation will stay with us forever. 

In honour of National Homeless Animal Day on this day we will be donating a percentage of all sales within our online store to the charity Dogs On The Street. DOTS is the first independently voluntary ran street project that protects, cares and supports all street dogs around the majority of London.  We want to create as much awareness as possible; please share this blog post to help us in our efforts to help dogs and their owners living on the streets. 


‘Do not underestimate a moment of your kindness. It has the power to change lives in ways you may never know’ 


Best wishes 

Paws with Opulence 


*The names of the dogs and their owners have been changed for privacy reasons*