Be The Next #PWODOGCRUSH of The Month

We've all seen those famously adorable dogs on Instagram that give us that instinctive smile on our face and make us say 'awww', but they have nothing on your dog right?

Over the next few months, we will be dedicating each month to one of your dogs as they will become our #PWODOGCRUSH (Paws with Opulence Dog Crush) of the month. Whether it's your dog, your friend's dog, your family dog or even the dog next door this is a great opportunity for you to show that dog off to the world and make them fall in love with your four-legged beauty.


What does being a #PWODOGCRUSH involve? 



How do I enter my dog? 

Simply email us here with the answers to the below blog post Q & A , along with your dogs Instagram handle and if chosen we will get back to you. 



We're so excited to see all of your beautiful dogs and get a glimpse into their personalities. We wish you all the very best of luck!


Best wishes 

Paws with Opulence