Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Top 10 most loyal dog breeds, we've found them! Its very widely known that within the United Kingdom we are a nation completely obsessed with dogs. One of the biggest reasons for this is because of the love and loyalty that we receive from our four legged furry friends. Loyalty is a trait commonly shared amongst most dog breeds and is something we humans look for when choosing our tail wagging companions. 

We wanted to help you in your search of loyalty and have listed the top 10 dog breeds which will never leave your side.

#1 - Rough Collie 

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FACTS - The Rough Collie made famous  from the classic film and book  ‘Lassie Come Home’ boasts a long haired luxurious coat and intelligent demeanour.  Rough Collies are Scottish natives and were named after a breed of sheep called Colleys. These incredibly handsome dogs are said to be one of the most intelligent dogs on the plant and make for a great companion as well as a great working sheep dog. 

PERSONALITY - Rough Collies are tremendously loyal, very intelligent and family orientated. It is encouraged to socialise these dogs at a young age in order for them to grow into confident, mature and friendly dogs. Their loyal trait makes them great protectors, while their friendly demeanour allows them to be gentle and kind. The Rough Collie is the perfect pet for families big or small. 

LIFE SPAN - 14-16 years 


#2 - Beagle

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FACTS - The Beagle was first established in the 15th century and was bred as a scent hunting hound to capture hare. As the smallest of the British hunt hounds, they were favourited by those who did not hunt on horseback and commended for their loyalty. Although now a days Beagles are used less for hunting and more as a beloved family pet, their noses guide them through life and will often be seen with their nose to the ground searching for an interesting scent to follow. 

PERSONALITY - Beagles have an extremely loyal nature and their hound like characteristics make them inquisitive, determined and focused on food. As Beagles are pack dogs they generally get along with other animals so will fit in well if you already own other pets. Beagles do however require patience and creative training techniques, as they can be overly playful and quite stubborn. 

LIFE SPAN -  12-15 years 


#3 - Dachshund 

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FACTS- Dating back to the 15th century Dachshunds also known as sausage dogs were first bred in Germany. Their long bodies and short legs were highly prized by foresters as they could get down rabbit holes and flush out their prey. Dachshunds were extremely popular throughout Europe and were first introduced to the UK in 1840. Queen Victoria was a huge fan of the breed and continued to promote them throughout her reign. 

PERSONALITY - Dachshunds are lovingly affectionate and loyal little dogs. They are very intelligent, learning quickly how to please their owners and can be very humorous when the mood takes them. Dachshunds like to be around children as their fun-loving playful nature loves to be kept entertained.

LIFE SPAN - 12-13 years    


#4 - Yorkshire Terrier

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FACTS - The Yorkshire Terrier is a great companion due to its affectionate and loyal character. They were first bred within Yorkshire in the 19th century and used to catch rats in clothing mills. Their small physique made them the perfect ratters and is something that is deeply embedded into their terrier psyche still to this day. The Yorkie is the perfect choice for a first time dog owner as they are extremely intelligent and always eager and willing to please. Yorkshire Terriers can be feisty at times, although they are very easy to train and adapt quickly to new environments.

PERSONALITY - Yorkies are extremely intelligent dogs with the ability to think quickly and act in ways to please their owners. They have a very fun and sassy personality which shows through their posture and the way they strut around a room. Their loyal and affectionate nature make them very protective animals as they see themselves as a much larger dog in a tiny dogs body. 

LIFE SPAN - 13-16 years 


#5 - St Bernard

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Photo credit - dog

FACTS -  The St Bernard is a big friendly giant made famous by the film Beethoven. Bred in the western Alps of Switzerland and Italy, the St Bernard was often used as a working dog rescuing travellers who became trapped in the blistering snows and winds of the Alps. These dogs are very strong and muscular, and can reach a height of 30 inches and a weight of 180 pounds.  Despite it’s gigantic stature the St Bernard is a quite indoor dog who makes a great family friend. 

PERSONALITY - The St Bernard is a very friendly, calm and intelligent dog. They are not aggressive in nature, however any threat to their owners will bring out their protective instincts and bellowing bark. 

LIFE SPAN - 8-10 years 


#6 - Brittany

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Photo credit - dog

FACTS - The Brittany is a breed of gun dog primarily bred for bird hunting in the 19th century. The Brittany is a great companion for hunting as they work more closely to the hunter than any other pointing breeds. These dogs are very energetic and very trainable winning more dual championships than any other breed.   

PERSONALITY -  Brittany’s are happy, loyal and very hyperactive animals. They respond very well to their people as a simple stern look or harsh word is often enough to stop them from acting up. Brittany’s are well suited to very active owners, as a quick walk around the block is not enough to satisfy the energy levels of this breed.   

LIFE SPAN - 14-15 years 


#7 - Shetland Sheepdog 

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FACTS -  The Shetland Sheepdog is a breed of hunting dog also known as a Sheltie. The original name for this dog was the Shetland Collie, however this caused controversy amongst breeders of the Rough Collie and their name had to change. The Shetland is a very protective dog and was bred to keep guard of farmers gardens and to herd sheep. The Shetland Sheep dog is highly intelligent as they are able to understand a new command after being told it fewer than 5 times. There intelligence however needs constant stimulation as without it they will quickly become bored and create their own entertainment. 

PERSONALITY -  The Shetland Sheepdog is a highly energetic dog with high intelligence. They are a loving, loyal companion to all family members including children, however can become shy and nervous around strangers. Their protective instincts keep them alert allowing them to act quickly when sensing trouble approaching their territory.   

LIFE SPAN -  12-13 years 


#8 - Akita Inu

FACTS - The Akita Inu originates from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. They were originally bred to fight bears and guard Japanese royalty. They have a large muscular stature with webbed feet which make them extremely strong swimmers. These dogs are very strong willed and need a strong authoritative owner with a lot of patience. 

PERSONALITY -  The Akita Inu is a very protective dog with a tendency to become quite aggressive towards other dogs and strangers when sensing a threat. The Akita is a highly independent, loyal and dominant animal however shows a very gentle, compassionate and trusting side towards it's owners. 

LIFE SPAN -  10-15 years 


#9 - Kuvasz 

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FACTS - The Kuvasz is a bold, courageous and fearless animal originating from Hungry. The Kuvasz is a breed of ancient livestock and unlike most dog breeds their coat does not vary from the colour white. Their dense white fur helped shepherds to distinguish their dogs from wolves, but as time went on their beautiful eye catching coat often made them popular within the fashion industry and were branded as ‘fashion dogs’. The Kuvasz is a large dog bred for guarding. They are muscular and agile with a height of up to 30 inches tall and weight of up to 115 pounds.   

PERSONALITY - The Kuvasz is an intensely loyal dog who will not hesitate to defend and protect its owners. Kuvasz have a fierce independent nature which can make them a challenge to train as they think for themselves. They require owners with confidence , experience and patience. As a working dog the Kuvasz like to have a job and often enjoy watching over the young children that they have grown up with. However as such a large dog they are often not aware of  their size and can accidentally bump into and knock small children over. 

LIFE SPAN - 10-12 years  


#10 German Shepard

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FACTS - The German Shepard originated from Germany in 1899. Von Stephanitz recognised the intelligence and powerful physique of the breed and convinced the German Government to use them within the military and police force. During World War I the German Shepard served as a Red Cross dog, messenger, rescuer, guard, supply carrier and sentry. After the war the breed became extremely popular within the USA and is now amongst the top 10 most popular dog breeds. 

PERSONALITY - German Shepard’s are highly intelligent and extremely loyal to their families. In the right hands German Shepard’s are very easy to train as they are alert, obedient and excel at many canine activities. When bred correctly these dogs are very trustworthy, dependable and make for a great watch dog.   

LIFE SPAN -  9-13 years 


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